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Behind the Iron Curtain: Belarus

I recently had the fortune of traveling to the last dictatorship in Europe: Belarus. For those of you who don’t know the Who, What, Where, When, Why, or How of Belarus, allow me to share: Belarus is medium-sized European nation … Continue reading

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Last week, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. I could write about how great of a cultural experience it was, how much fun I had, the beauty of the mountainside, or the joy of camaraderie between strangers … Continue reading

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Urban Disillusionment

Is life actually any different between one city and another?  Do we merely imagine the differences to make our lives seem richer based on the uniqueness of locale? When I lived in Los Angeles, I had a two-bedroom apartment.  I … Continue reading

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Gravity is Everywhere

Allow me to take you to Wrocław, Poland circa 2008.  As is the case with many of my anecdotes, this one took place during my youthfully irresponsible days backpacking around Europe.  Oh how blessed was the epoch of self-negligence… Poland had … Continue reading

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A Brief Encounter with Nihilism

I think I can pinpoint with half a certainty the happiest period in my life.  It was a four day stretch in August of 2010. Like countless other memorable tales of shameless self-indulgence, this one recalls  a backpacking trip in … Continue reading

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The Truth about Travel

While my grandfather was lying on his deathbed many years ago, I asked him if he had any regrets in life.   He said: “I regret not traveling more.” This was from a man who had been around the world … Continue reading

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