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The Chicken Dance: a pathetic tale of melancholic self-pity

I’ve learned in recent years that if I want to do something, I can’t be afraid of doing it alone.  If I always waited around for people to join me, I’d still be waiting.  I can’t let the lameness of … Continue reading

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The Crusade against Sameness

For the past two years, I have driven between California and Texas six times.  I drive because I enjoy the shifting landscape, the lonely desert towns, the peace of solitude, and the reconnaissance with displaced friends along the way.  Also, … Continue reading

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Urban Disillusionment

Is life actually any different between one city and another?  Do we merely imagine the differences to make our lives seem richer based on the uniqueness of locale? When I lived in Los Angeles, I had a two-bedroom apartment.  I … Continue reading

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Land (a Californian and Texan perspective)

Forgive me for the West Coast arrogance, but California is pretty damn awesome.  We’ve got it all: mountains, coasts, valleys, deserts, the largest tree in the world, the tallest tree in the world, the oldest tree in the world… yeah, … Continue reading

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Sign Reading 101

It’s often all too easy to look back on the dumb things I’ve done in my past and find some sort of viable rationale for why I did them.  But in the case of when I was duped by a trail … Continue reading

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There are very few things I’m afraid to say to myself.  “I can see myself spending the rest of my life here” is one of them.  Can I see myself spending the rest of my life in Texas?  I’m not … Continue reading

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