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The Crusade against Sameness

For the past two years, I have driven between California and Texas six times.  I drive because I enjoy the shifting landscape, the lonely desert towns, the peace of solitude, and the reconnaissance with displaced friends along the way.  Also, … Continue reading

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The Seven Stages of a Solo Road Trip

As of late, I’ve had the opportunity to drive across the country several times.  While most of these journeys are made in the company of friends, a lot of them are solo endeavors. Depending on who you are, a solo … Continue reading

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Platonic Road Trips and the Nice Guy Paradox

It occurred to me lately that I’ve been on an unusually large number of duo road trips alone with platonic female friends.  Normally this doesn’t have to be a problem, but it started becoming one when I realized that every … Continue reading

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The Dumbest Route I Ever Drove

For most Californians, there exist Southern California, Northern California, and a stretch of boring-ass freeway that connects them.  As a NorCal expat living in SoCal, I drove this stretch of I-5 on a regular basis, so much so that I … Continue reading

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Elusive Consequence

Whenever someone asks me how I am, I tell them honestly.  Sometimes that would be: “pretty good,” but more often it’s: “…kinda crappy; I fail at romantic intimacy and this drives away people who get impatient with my ineptitude.  Also, … Continue reading

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Misanthropy, Adventure, and Poop

I went to Westwood today to cash a check and experienced a bout of paranoid misanthropy. I think it had to do with the homeless guy yelling at me from across the street, the other homeless guy mumbling at me … Continue reading

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