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Divinity and Feces

Anyone who has been reading my journal knows darn well I have an odd fascination with poop, and if you don’t know that, well now you do.  It’s not the thing or act itself that fascinates me as much as … Continue reading

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Exalted Bowels

I know it seems like I blog about poop a lot. I assure you, I don’t actually talk about poop this much in real life. Actually I do, and here’s why: pooping is fantastic. I cannot stress enough how much … Continue reading

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A Moment of Sublime

(some of you from livejournal might have noticed I’ve been stealing my own entries… that is assuming I actually have readers here from livejournal… or at all) An anxious memory: Summer of 2009.  We had just finished our second day … Continue reading

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Misanthropy, Adventure, and Poop

I went to Westwood today to cash a check and experienced a bout of paranoid misanthropy. I think it had to do with the homeless guy yelling at me from across the street, the other homeless guy mumbling at me … Continue reading

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