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Music and Mystery

Through a series of tentative agreements, passive comments, whimsies, and guilt, I have come to find myself playing second chair oboe for our local community college symphony orchestra.  I am not an oboist.  Or rather, I am no longer an … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Music Student-Teacher

Last Thursday night, on a high school stage in the outskirts of a Wine Country town, I cried.  In front of eighty students and dozens of parents and faculty, I lost my composure and broke down.  It was the first time I’ve … Continue reading

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Making Babies

You have got to be a fool to wait in line for four hours for Texas BBQ. I am a fool. With variable levels of success, I have tried redefining myself as a morning person.  After weeks of painstakingly inching … Continue reading

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Five reasons artists should appreciate sports

Growing up as someone who valued academics and performing arts, I had always harbored a wee bit of resentment toward sports and athletes.  Perhaps this resentment arose in high school where I found injustice in that athletic departments are given … Continue reading

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Music, Noise, Future, and the foolishness of confidence (a passage from Kundera)

I read a passage of Milan Kundera today that I would like to share.  Please forgive me, copyright hawks.  It is about the unpredictability of the future and the foolishness of confidence, as told via an anecdote about 20th Century … Continue reading

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Minor Desperation on the Internet

I prefer to reserve my blog for expressing thoughts or anecdotes with some vague point.  I don’t like to update with personal stories unless they go somewhere outside of the realm of self, and I shelve many drafts that do … Continue reading

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The Value of Silence

Perhaps I am a crotchety old man. On my way home, I observed a young, fashionable woman speedily walking to her apartment.  I had an urge to call out to her, but social decency told me not to. What’s the … Continue reading

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