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No Homo

I told a story to a friend: “This past autumn, I went camping out by Bishop Pass: a rocky and inhospitable ridge in the Sierra Nevada whose landscape is as grizzly and striking as it is cold and indifferent.  The autumn leaves … Continue reading

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Lacanian Paradise

I am neither a psychologist nor a theologian.  But like you and everybody else throughout human history, I do my best to make sense of it all.  Your best is all one can really ask for, since we are born … Continue reading

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Loss for Words

“Words cannot describe…” “I’m struggling to find the right words…” “Words fail me…” “It’s hard to explain…” The experience of being unable to verbalize a thought, sensation, or experience is terrifying to me, and I’ll tell you why: it reminds … Continue reading

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Cjefrydź Pol Czedźman

I’ve decided if I ever become a famous novelist, I’m going to publish under the pseudonym Cjefrydź Pol Czedźman. My initials will be Cj.P.Cz. This is how I derive the name: Jeffrey Paul Hayman Taking the sounds of “Jeffrey Paul … Continue reading

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