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Loose Thread

In my earlier years, I would have considered myself a thinker, as I’m sure most other young people do coming into this world. I was intrigued by abstractions and insight, and, assuming I had a thing or two to share, … Continue reading

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Fighting from Within the Organism

Allow me a tinfoil hat moment.  I don’t always sound this crazy. To this point in my life, I have had the privilege of freedom bestowed upon me by my circumstances: student life, supportive parents, and flexible part time jobs.  With … Continue reading

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Making Babies

You have got to be a fool to wait in line for four hours for Texas BBQ. I am a fool. With variable levels of success, I have tried redefining myself as a morning person.  After weeks of painstakingly inching … Continue reading

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A Brief Encounter with Nihilism

I think I can pinpoint with half a certainty the happiest period in my life.  It was a four day stretch in August of 2010. Like countless other memorable tales of shameless self-indulgence, this one recalls  a backpacking trip in … Continue reading

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A Grand Absurdity of Existence

Within the last five minutes of my uncle’s life, I spoke with him on the phone. I suppose it’s more accurate to say I spoke at him.  I was with my mother at the time, and my father, who was … Continue reading

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For what are we looking in this maze we call life?

Is life is some sort of sordid lab experiment within which humans are the test animals? It’s as if seven billion people were thrown into a hedgerow maze, but weren’t told what’s at the end of it. We go on … Continue reading

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