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Words and More Words

I often find myself participating in conversations wondering what the point of all of it is.  Sometimes words and phrases just seem like trivial mouth sounds put forth as a desperate plea for the silence to stop. “Oh, you like blue?  …How interesting! … Continue reading

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Doubt and Freedom

In a normal social interaction, an action usually provokes a single and consistent reaction. Social behaviors are matters of custom.  In the Real World, into which we awake and generally spend most of our time, social action and reaction are second nature.  Of … Continue reading

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Behind the Iron Curtain: Belarus

I recently had the fortune of traveling to the last dictatorship in Europe: Belarus. For those of you who don’t know the Who, What, Where, When, Why, or How of Belarus, allow me to share: Belarus is medium-sized European nation … Continue reading

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Lacanian Paradise

I am neither a psychologist nor a theologian.  But like you and everybody else throughout human history, I do my best to make sense of it all.  Your best is all one can really ask for, since we are born … Continue reading

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Profanation of the Sublime

(Warning: this entry has strong language, but it’s all for a point.  If you’re sensitive to strong language, regardless of the point, please stop reading.  That’s right, I’m looking at you, Mom.) We live in two different worlds: the world … Continue reading

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Gravity is Everywhere

Allow me to take you to Wrocław, Poland circa 2008.  As is the case with many of my anecdotes, this one took place during my youthfully irresponsible days backpacking around Europe.  Oh how blessed was the epoch of self-negligence… Poland had … Continue reading

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Loss for Words

“Words cannot describe…” “I’m struggling to find the right words…” “Words fail me…” “It’s hard to explain…” The experience of being unable to verbalize a thought, sensation, or experience is terrifying to me, and I’ll tell you why: it reminds … Continue reading

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The Day I Blogged About Seeing a Frog

That day is today. The frog, however, was three weeks ago.  That’s how impacting it was.  That’s how strongly it weighs on my mind.  The frog came.  The frog went.  But the memory – alas! – the consequence of said … Continue reading

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The Limitations of the English Language (Eugenides)

A quote: “Emotions, in my experience, aren’t covered by single words.  I don’t believe in ‘sadness,’ ‘joy,’ or ‘regret.’  Maybe the best proof that the language is patriarchal is that it oversimplifies feeling.  I’d like to have at my disposal … Continue reading

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