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Identity in a Block of Marble

Immaturity is really just a fear of commitment. I believe the process of crafting an identity to be destructive rather than constructive.  We do not build ourselves from brick or clay out of nothingness.  Identity starts as a huge block of … Continue reading

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The Depths Whence Elation is Born

Bear with me, Reader; I do not intend to be vulgar.  That is not why we’re here. I had once made the statement that everything is beautiful, and if we don’t find something beautiful, it’s simply because we don’t understand … Continue reading

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Oneself as Somebody Else’s

During your more idle moments, have you ever glanced down at your shoes and recalled somebody else’s? Or perhaps you glanced at the fuzzy hair on your arm peaking out from beneath your shirt sleeve – hair which is not … Continue reading

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The Relentlessness of Theme

It seems to me that life often arranges itself according to themes, to which independent consciousness (free will, I suppose) is subservient.  Themes and symbols become the Hobbes’ Leviathan of our consciousness; unable to effectively work together, the many voices … Continue reading

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