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There exists a certain madness that consumes many who seek adventure amidst their tame and sterile realities.  This madness drives us to jeopardize the lives and safety of ourselves and those we love, and yet we revere those who are possessed … Continue reading

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The Depths Whence Elation is Born

Bear with me, Reader; I do not intend to be vulgar.  That is not why we’re here. I had once made the statement that everything is beautiful, and if we don’t find something beautiful, it’s simply because we don’t understand … Continue reading

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White Mountain Peak: love atop hell

When I think of the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, I think of White Mountain Peak. White Mountain Peak is an arid and lifeless mountain emerging from the desolate desert floor in Eastern California.  There are no trees.  There … Continue reading

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Last week, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. I could write about how great of a cultural experience it was, how much fun I had, the beauty of the mountainside, or the joy of camaraderie between strangers … Continue reading

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Cima Dome: the folly of dreams

Since my earliest years, I have always harbored an obsession with imaginary boundaries, arbitrary points of interest, and other such foolish catalysts of human history.  One of my earliest memories recalls a plush globe given to me by my parents. … Continue reading

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Sign Reading 101

It’s often all too easy to look back on the dumb things I’ve done in my past and find some sort of viable rationale for why I did them.  But in the case of when I was duped by a trail … Continue reading

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The Curse of San Jacinto Peak

I’ll make the long story short. Two years ago, I led my friends in a hike to the summit of San Jacinto Peak, the 2nd tallest mountain in Southern California (10,834 ft).  Nothing went right.  We started up late in … Continue reading

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Perhaps acting in poor judgement can be forgiven.  Seldom exist those who never fail common sense.  Yet, when one is aware of one’s own poor judgement, perhaps the benevolent mercy of excuse is no longer appropriate… As much as I enjoy … Continue reading

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