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Meet the Banana Slugs

Hey everyone.  Meet my banana slugs.  I think you’ll find them delightfully personable.  Maybe even relatable.  In fact, they’re really just like you and me.  Except they’re slugs.  Banana slugs.  Allow me to introduce them:

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Beautiful Insanity

I remember a moment of peaceful clarity: It took place in the Catalina Mountains outside of Tucson, Arizona.  I saw an electric monsoon form over the Sonoran Desert in the distance, with the sun tossing rays through gold-silhouette, towering clouds … Continue reading

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Time Must be Stopped

I, among billions of earthly cohorts, once wished there was more time.  Every day I would struggle to do what I needed to do, and every day, I would fail.  I (surely along with you, comrade – let us commiserate) … Continue reading

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Existentialist Moments, brought to you by my kitchen

I put some veggies in the microwave for one minute.  When I heard the microwave ding, my first thought was: “Oh my god, that was already a minute?  Life passes us by so fast…” This should never happen to you, … Continue reading

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