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Loose Thread

In my earlier years, I would have considered myself a thinker, as I’m sure most other young people do coming into this world. I was intrigued by abstractions and insight, and, assuming I had a thing or two to share, … Continue reading

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Transcending the Narcissism of Guilt

I’d like to think I’m a decent human being, but truth be told, I have a long way to go. ¬†Somehow I’ve come to believe that nodding while pretending to listen is the honorable thing to do in the face … Continue reading

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Pictures and Narcissism

During my white middle-class young-adult rite of passage backpacking through Europe, I had the fortune of passing through Bucharest, Romania, where I spent a night on the floor of a complete stranger’s apartment. He wasn’t the first complete stranger I … Continue reading

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