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The Foolish Destiny of a Delusional Egomaniac: i.e. The Art of Denial

I am unfit for companionship. It’s not that I’m terribly unattractive – I have two eyes, teeth which point roughly in the right direction, and I smell okay on most weekdays – it’s just that somehow, somewhere in my past, … Continue reading

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Life Block

It’s similar to writer’s block. Allow me to explain: I’m currently plagued with a sort of writer’s block in both my writings and my music compositions. ┬áIt’s not that I don’t have any ideas – on the contrary, I do, … Continue reading

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Platonic Road Trips and the Nice Guy Paradox

It occurred to me lately that I’ve been on an unusually large number of duo road trips alone with platonic female friends. ┬áNormally this doesn’t have to be a problem, but it started becoming one when I realized that every … Continue reading

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