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Sometimes when I go to sleep, I’m afraid that when I wake up, I’ll be staring at the ceiling of my childhood bedroom circa 2001, and for the next three hours, I’ll be telling my friends and family about what … Continue reading

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The Golden Gate Bridge: an anecdote of misconception

Growing up in the suburbs of the Bay Area, I had precisely one reason to go to San Francisco: visiting my grandparents. ¬†Even when I was an angsty and rebellious teen, the enticing allure of “the City” – that is … Continue reading

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The 2011 Most Unnecessarily Large Freeway Award goes to…

…the Bay Area’s very own: Interstate 280! I-280 has the pleasure of being the main thoroughfare for citizens of bustling metropolises like Woodside and Hillsborough, CA on their commute to either San Francisco or San Jose. That’s right! I-280 connects … Continue reading

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