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Urban Disillusionment

Is life actually any different between one city and another?  Do we merely imagine the differences to make our lives seem richer based on the uniqueness of locale? When I lived in Los Angeles, I had a two-bedroom apartment.  I … Continue reading

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Regional Seasons

Having just entered Spring (by date) and Summer (by weather) simultaneously, I have only now come to realize how silly it is that we keep an accepted standard of four equal seasons.  Truth be told, having grown up in California, … Continue reading

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An Anecdote of Infrastructural Absurdities

Few moments are more frustrating than when seemingly simple tasks are made unbelievably difficult.  In this particular situation, I had to walk roughly 400 feet.  Across a freeway. Allow me to start at the beginning.  Like most responsible car owners, … Continue reading

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Quack’s Guide to Los Angeles (for people who enjoy living there)

This might be the Angry Texan in me speaking, but I’ve begun to develop an odd distrust for people who like Los Angeles too much.  And yes, liking Los Angeles is liking it too much. It’s not that Angelenos are … Continue reading

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Searching for an Apartment: a comparison between Austin and Los Angeles

I recently moved from Los Angeles, CA to Austin, TX.  Needless to say, the experience apartment-hunting was vastly different.   Austin, TX Los Angeles, CA Location of Leasing Office in the apartment complex six miles away from apartment complex, probably … Continue reading

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