My Musical Compositions

As it turns out, I’m a composer.  My lifelong vacation in the academic bubble is nearing its end, thus it’s due time I start preparing myself for the real world.  That is to say, I must swallow my shame and modesty and begin promoting my craft in the hopes that someone with money will find my music and want to buy my [theoretically self-published] scores.

However, because I lack any sort of professional development skills, I don’t actually have a website with which I promote and sell my music, so alas, I’m creating this page instead to link a sampling of my compositions so that you may listen, and so that I may feel better about posting blog entries so infrequently.

I hope you enjoy.  Please note: these are not professional recordings.

An orchestra piece (recorded by University of Texas at Austin).

An orchestra piece (recorded by UCLA).

A choir piece (recorded by Collegium Musicum at UT Austin).

A string quartet (recorded by colleagues at UCLA).

A wind quintet (recorded by colleagues at UT Austin).

A saxophone sonata (recorded by colleagues at UT Austin).

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