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The Things You Take

Two weeks and one day ago, my girlfriend and I drove up to Whiskeytown Lake, a picturesque reservoir nestled in the outskirts of California’s Klamath Mountains, to look at the blazing flames and swirling smoke of a remote wildfire towering … Continue reading

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Loose Thread

In my earlier years, I would have considered myself a thinker, as I’m sure most other young people do coming into this world. I was intrigued by abstractions and insight, and, assuming I had a thing or two to share, … Continue reading

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Moments with Trees

As I sat on my porch this evening watching a rare torrential downpour fall on my town, I momentarily connected with the oak tree twenty feet in front of me, standing majestically over the manicured yard, surely too enjoying the rain. Hello, … Continue reading

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The World’s Smartest Person

I do not know who the World’s Smartest Person is, but I do not believe we’ll be able to find them where we assume them to be. They probably aren’t holding some prestigious post at some prestigious university, publishing their findings … Continue reading

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Doubt and Freedom

In a normal social interaction, an action usually provokes a single and consistent reaction. Social behaviors are matters of custom.  In the Real World, into which we awake and generally spend most of our time, social action and reaction are second nature.  Of … Continue reading

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Meet the Banana Slugs

Hey everyone.  Meet my banana slugs.  I think you’ll find them delightfully personable.  Maybe even relatable.  In fact, they’re really just like you and me.  Except they’re slugs.  Banana slugs.  Allow me to introduce them:

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Pool Life

I’m not quite sure what adults do in swimming pools. Is it still okay for us to bludgeon our friends with foam noodles?  Are we still allowed to pretend like we’re floating in space?  Can we splash unsuspecting enemies with … Continue reading

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Halloween Rendezvous

Allow me to tell you of yet another romantic escapade of mine. When I was a student at UCLA, I got a job as a campus security patrolman.  It wasn’t the most dignified of jobs, but I enjoyed the camaraderie of … Continue reading

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The Lunacy of Sports Fandom

A grave misfortune has befallen me: the San Francisco Giants made the MLB playoffs.  And the World Series. As a Giants fan, you’d think I would be happy.  I am.  My misfortune lies not in my happiness, but rather in … Continue reading

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Oneself as Somebody Else’s

During your more idle moments, have you ever glanced down at your shoes and recalled somebody else’s? Or perhaps you glanced at the fuzzy hair on your arm peaking out from beneath your shirt sleeve – hair which is not … Continue reading

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