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Being a Stranger

Julia was the first woman I met when I moved to Austin. She was a barista at the Starbucks by my apartment.  Before I had internet, I had Starbucks.  Before I had friends, I had Julia.  So every night until … Continue reading

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Beautiful Insanity

I remember a moment of peaceful clarity: It took place in the Catalina Mountains outside of Tucson, Arizona.  I saw an electric monsoon form over the Sonoran Desert in the distance, with the sun tossing rays through gold-silhouette, towering clouds … Continue reading

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Marriage and the Cynic

Marriage: a dusty relic of a bygone era.  A contractual agreement between families for political or material reasons.  An instrument of perpetuating outdated gender roles under the guise of advantageous child-rearing.  A tradition whose commencement is pompous, egocentric, and undeniably … Continue reading

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