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Cities and Villages

Every so often I go out on a Friday night to remind myself how much I don’t like going out on Friday nights.  My excursions are seldom ever internally motivated – usually I get persuaded by an exuberant friend starved … Continue reading

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A Tragedy of Erotic Voyeurism

Allow me to bring you back to the sexless years of my college career.  My chastity was mostly accidental, although at first it was by choice, and only later was it by habit. You see, my parents were unfathomably brilliant … Continue reading

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Halloween Rendezvous

Allow me to tell you of yet another romantic escapade of mine. When I was a student at UCLA, I got a job as a campus security patrolman.  It wasn’t the most dignified of jobs, but I enjoyed the camaraderie of … Continue reading

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Making Babies

You have got to be a fool to wait in line for four hours for Texas BBQ. I am a fool. With variable levels of success, I have tried redefining myself as a morning person.  After weeks of painstakingly inching … Continue reading

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