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The Lunacy of Sports Fandom

A grave misfortune has befallen me: the San Francisco Giants made the MLB playoffs.  And the World Series. As a Giants fan, you’d think I would be happy.  I am.  My misfortune lies not in my happiness, but rather in … Continue reading

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Oneself as Somebody Else’s

During your more idle moments, have you ever glanced down at your shoes and recalled somebody else’s? Or perhaps you glanced at the fuzzy hair on your arm peaking out from beneath your shirt sleeve – hair which is not … Continue reading

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I adore those days which exist beneath dark and cloudy skies – clouds which cover every discernible surface of the cosmos and, as if not satisfied with the vastness of their domain, touch down upon ours as a misty haze such that … Continue reading

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Gravity is Everywhere

Allow me to take you to Wrocław, Poland circa 2008.  As is the case with many of my anecdotes, this one took place during my youthfully irresponsible days backpacking around Europe.  Oh how blessed was the epoch of self-negligence… Poland had … Continue reading

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A Brief Encounter with Nihilism

I think I can pinpoint with half a certainty the happiest period in my life.  It was a four day stretch in August of 2010. Like countless other memorable tales of shameless self-indulgence, this one recalls  a backpacking trip in … Continue reading

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Nietzsche’s Coffee Roasters, Inc.

Allow me to accuse my generation (b. 1980’s) of being a bunch of lazy, entitled, arrogant moochers who have neither ever known the value of hard work nor experienced the humiliation of failure. I jest, but let’s be honest: this … Continue reading

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