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The Golden Gate Bridge: an anecdote of misconception

Growing up in the suburbs of the Bay Area, I had precisely one reason to go to San Francisco: visiting my grandparents.  Even when I was an angsty and rebellious teen, the enticing allure of “the City” – that is … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the State of New Mexico

Dear New Mexico, I’m sorry. For years I had made you the punch-line of my shitty place jokes.  I would tell friends things like, “Hey, don’t worry, moving to Michigan isn’t so bad.  At least it’s not New Mexico.”  Or: “I’m sorry … Continue reading

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Quack’s Guide to Hippies and Rednecks of California

As a Californian living in Texas, I often have to fight the perception that my homeland is full of hippies and surfers.  I had hoped this stereotype of my people would be cast aside by my presence itself – I’m … Continue reading

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The Truth about Travel

While my grandfather was lying on his deathbed many years ago, I asked him if he had any regrets in life.   He said: “I regret not traveling more.” This was from a man who had been around the world … Continue reading

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