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Camping Alone Sucks

I have come to learn: there are things I will never enjoy doing no matter how much I want to enjoy doing them. I speak of camping alone. I can’t deny there is a certain amount of appeal to the … Continue reading

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Misremembering High School

Is it just me, or does all of media misremember high school? The high school drama movie / television series is so overdone it has become a cliche of a cliche.  Hell, it was already cliche by the 1980’s, but … Continue reading

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Adventures in Phonelessness

This last week, I decided to take a trip to Los Angeles to visit some old college friends.  Naturally, my phone broke before I got there. I didn’t think it would be a problem.  The phone still functioned as a … Continue reading

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The Curse of San Jacinto Peak

I’ll make the long story short. Two years ago, I led my friends in a hike to the summit of San Jacinto Peak, the 2nd tallest mountain in Southern California (10,834 ft).  Nothing went right.  We started up late in … Continue reading

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