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Sales Pitch against the Grand Canyon

I just spent a day at the Grand Canyon and I have one piece of advice: Don’t go. Okay, that’s a lie.  Go twice.  Once to see it, and once to see it again without pissing yourself. There are two … Continue reading

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Western Kitsch

166 years ago, a group of people known as “the Donner Party” were stranded for the winter at a lake in the Sierra Nevada as they were making their way to California from Missouri.  39 people died, and the survivors … Continue reading

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I don’t post enough short entries.

Have you ever looked at the corner of your ceiling and realized that you’ve never actually been there? I mean, surely you’ve seen it, and you spend so much time around it, but you’ve never… you know… been there. Have … Continue reading

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In Defense of Suburbia

I’ll begin with an anecdote.  Please be patient. When I was growing up in the suburbs of the Bay Area, it became a preferred pastime of my social circle to gather at the high school on weekends, walk downtown (i.e. … Continue reading

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The Perk of Pteromerhanophobia

I have a love of travel and a fear of flying.  This is a horrible combination.  Some people would call it unfortunate – I would call it Agony. I know flying is the safest form of travel – people always make … Continue reading

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Time Must be Stopped

I, among billions of earthly cohorts, once wished there was more time.  Every day I would struggle to do what I needed to do, and every day, I would fail.  I (surely along with you, comrade – let us commiserate) … Continue reading

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