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Minor Desperation on the Internet

I prefer to reserve my blog for expressing thoughts or anecdotes with some vague point.  I don’t like to update with personal stories unless they go somewhere outside of the realm of self, and I shelve many drafts that do … Continue reading

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A Grand Absurdity of Existence

Within the last five minutes of my uncle’s life, I spoke with him on the phone. I suppose it’s more accurate to say I spoke at him.  I was with my mother at the time, and my father, who was … Continue reading

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A Most Horrifying Lifetime at the Urinal

Please heed me, Ladies – – the divine gift of standing urination does not come without grave consequences – that is to say: urinals. Few may acknowledge this, but many men suffer from a terrible psychological affliction, which I will … Continue reading

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A World of Effigies

Allow me to begin with an excerpt from a six pack of beer: “…You ever notice how everything has to be today’s version of yesterday’s whatever… Sometimes we wonder what the world would be like if everything was perceived for … Continue reading

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Regional Seasons

Having just entered Spring (by date) and Summer (by weather) simultaneously, I have only now come to realize how silly it is that we keep an accepted standard of four equal seasons.  Truth be told, having grown up in California, … Continue reading

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