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Breweries of Attitude

In the growing world of beer connoisseurs, I myself have been taken up and occupied with the fad-like interest of sampling  microbrews.  When possible, I try to buy beer with which I’m unfamiliar, and during my long, arduous road trips, if … Continue reading

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The Best of All Possible Funerals

Let me tell you about my uncle. His name is Bob.  He grew up in San Francisco.  He lived in Seattle.  Over a year ago, he was diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer that left him paralyzed on one side … Continue reading

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A Quack Review: Pornografia

(WARNING:  The following book review has no academic value.  I would say it tries its hardest to rape and butcher the literature of everything important or meaningful, but it really doesn’t try too hard.) It’s not often I read a … Continue reading

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Interactions with the Defenders of American Freedom

For those of you who have never traveled close to the Mexican border, the United States sets up precious little demonstrations for your convenience so adoringly called “Inspection Stations” (or “interior checkpoints” if they want to get fancy schmancy).  On … Continue reading

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