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Your body as you

When I was young and stupid (although I still am), I discounted physical existence as a distraction.  Metaphysical existence beyond our touchable realities – that is to say our thoughts and emotions – was somehow more true to one’s identity … Continue reading

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Perhaps acting in poor judgement can be forgiven.  Seldom exist those who never fail common sense.  Yet, when one is aware of one’s own poor judgement, perhaps the benevolent mercy of excuse is no longer appropriate… As much as I enjoy … Continue reading

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Joy of Tea

I was drinking my morning tea when something astonishing occurred: I tilted my head back to empty the mug, and lo and behold I saw a reflection of myself in the porcelain. Actually, that in and of itself really isn’t … Continue reading

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The Day I Blogged About Seeing a Frog

That day is today. The frog, however, was three weeks ago.  That’s how impacting it was.  That’s how strongly it weighs on my mind.  The frog came.  The frog went.  But the memory – alas! – the consequence of said … Continue reading

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