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Why you should try to like Classical Music

I’ll do my best to write this without sounding like an arrogant or pretentious whiney asshole.  It’ll be hard, not just because this is about classical music, but rather because any person trying to claim why other people should enjoy … Continue reading

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A little rant about San Diego

San Diego is a lovely city.  It’s got a beautiful skyline, approachable suburbs, pristine beaches, museums, gardens, a backcountry full of recreational opportunities, professional sports teams that occasionally win games – but I don’t get it.  I just don’t understand … Continue reading

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Life: the Struggle between One’s Past and Irrelevance

It seems to me that life is a struggle between One’s Past and Irrelevance. Note – the struggle is not between One’s Self and Irrelevance.  I am not irrelevant.  I will never be irrelevant.  You are not irrelevant, nor will … Continue reading

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The only lesson college ever taught me

Looking back on my five or six years as an undergrad (a quarter of my life), I realize I don’t remember very much.  That is to say, I don’t remember certain years.  In fact, maybe I don’t remember the entire … Continue reading

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Places Worse than Dorris: Episode IV

One has to wonder what criteria is used to determine if a place sucks. It’s entirely subjective, but there are things we can all probably agree on. For instance, if the place inspires a deep fear of accidentally stumbling upon … Continue reading

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Revelations through Yearning

For those who don’t know, I recently moved from California to Texas. I lived in California for 24 years – all my life. For the first 18 of those years, I lived in the Bay Area, and that was home. … Continue reading

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