The Joys and Horrors of Admin

As the admin to my blog, I get the pleasure of seeing which search inquiries are directing people to my blog.

I’m always shocked to see how many people search for “cactus porn” on a weekly basis.  I’m almost ashamed that my blog is a front page hit.

About Doctor Quack

Just another bonehead with an internet connection.
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3 Responses to The Joys and Horrors of Admin

  1. re:ramble says:

    I know the feeling. We get a lot of fantasy sluts. And, I know it’s not the right place to ask this but since it has no comments: why are you learning Polish? I’m asking as a Polish speaker.

    • Doctor Quack says:

      It’s a long story, but I’ve always been fascinated by Polish history. It’s really a unique history in Europe, starting back from the days of the Commonwealth when it was a huge expansive multi-ethnic territory that practiced religious freedom and nobleman’s democracy. You throw that in with its lack of independence throughout the 19th century, and you get a country whose spirit is maintained through literature and music (Mickiewicz and Chopin) rather than through politicians and military leaders. Thus, when Poland emerged in the 20th century, it was a culture that influenced the arts and humanities as an essential element of national identity, and those values, combined with a glorious past, resonate with me.

      So I’m learning the language as a way to learn more about the country. Also, I love consonants.

      • re:ramble says:

        Thanks for the answer. That’s really impressive, by the way. And yeah, we might not have much in terms of vowels but the consonants are there alright.

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