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The Paradisiacal Idyll of Animals – by Milan Kundera

While discussing what it is we’re looking for in life, a passage of prose by Milan Kundera was brought to my mind. It discusses the sanctity of animals, and how our relations to them are important for indicating what kind … Continue reading

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The Best Dreams are the Worst Nightmares

It’s impressive albeit irritating how our subconscious consistently finds new ways to scare the poop out of us as we’re sleeping.  It forces us to fear things we would never even consider while awake.  Teeth falling out?  Really?  Unintentional nudity? … Continue reading

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For what are we looking in this maze we call life?

Is life is some sort of sordid lab experiment within which humans are the test animals? It’s as if seven billion people were thrown into a hedgerow maze, but weren’t told what’s at the end of it. We go on … Continue reading

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The Writer vs. Reality

For the 21st century writer, one of the greatest challenges is overcoming the perceived banality of life. It’s not that we lead unexciting existences, but rather, collective creative output outdoes itself more and more on a regular basis. Once upon … Continue reading

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The Joys and Horrors of Admin

As the admin to my blog, I get the pleasure of seeing which search inquiries are directing people to my blog. I’m always shocked to see how many people search for “cactus porn” on a weekly basis.  I’m almost ashamed … Continue reading

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New and Fresh Ethnic Jokes – humor optional

I’ve come to believe 99%* of all dumb-person or race jokes are unoriginal and have interchangeable subjects.  Behold the following templates: 1.  A ______ walks into a bar and does something stupid or typical. 2. How many ______ does it … Continue reading

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When bad decisions lack consequences: an (uneventful) Anecdote

Akin to energy transfers in thermodynamics, our lives are a never-ceasing and often futile attempt at fighting entropy and descent into disorganized chaos.  It’s an uphill battle; the universe is forcing us into a world of disarray, and every uneducated … Continue reading

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Searching for an Apartment: a comparison between Austin and Los Angeles

I recently moved from Los Angeles, CA to Austin, TX.  Needless to say, the experience apartment-hunting was vastly different.   Austin, TX Los Angeles, CA Location of Leasing Office in the apartment complex six miles away from apartment complex, probably … Continue reading

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