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Graph Humor

I’m pretty inept at creating visual comedy via digital means, so I decided to practice the art of making charts and graphs using Open Office.  My humor tends to be a little text-heavy, so I figure having this skill set … Continue reading

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A Quack’s Quick Guide: Understanding the Reality of Los Angeles

No, this is not a guide about culture or tourism. It’s about the literal answer to the question: what is Los Angeles? Is it a city? Is it a county? Is it a region? I know what you outsiders are … Continue reading

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Our War against Cliché

You might not realize this, but you are in a constant battle with Cliché, and you’re losing. We are all artists. I make music. I also write in a blog occasionally. You build relationships. You decorate your bedroom. You fix … Continue reading

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Abhorrence vs. the Filmmaker

(reblogged from my livejournal because I’m lazy) I was wondering the other day… Do fathers ever become strangely attracted to their daughters because their daughters remind them of how their wives used to look back when they fell in love … Continue reading

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US-395: The Best Road Trip in the Country

Having done every possible road trip ever,* I can attest to this with authority: US-395 provides the greatest road trip in the United States. Let’s consider its leading competitor: CA-1 (US-101). For those of you unfamiliar with the West Coast, … Continue reading

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