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Beep beep beep. Beep beep beep.

In the span of a single minute… …a smoke detector in my courtyard began to beep… …my watch beeped… …a text-message alert on my phone beeped… …the food timer beeped… …and the microwave beeped. We have already lost the war … Continue reading

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The Taxi Driver: an Anecdote from Macedonia

…that is, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia for those of you grecophiles who aren’t aware that “Macedonia” refers to a country, not just a region of Greece. While I was traveling in Macedonia with my trusty companion, Phil, and … Continue reading

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Divinity and Feces

Anyone who has been reading my journal knows darn well I have an odd fascination with poop, and if you don’t know that, well now you do. ┬áIt’s not the thing or act itself that fascinates me as much as … Continue reading

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