The Dissolution of California as it should be

I decided if California were to ever break into several different states, it should look like this:

Former California

That's hella sick, dude. Fer sure.

Allow me to explain a couple things:

1. Psilocybinia is its own nation, separate from the United States.  It doesn’t have a capital city or a government; it’s a free spirit.  It is ruled by the North Coyote, the Peripheral Rabbits, and the Great Snake of the Horizon.

2. A couple years after the dissolution, Marijuania will wage war against Western Idaho for its capital city, Weed (just to be ironic, man).  Fortunately for Western Idaho, who otherwise has no actual military or resource to speak of, Marijuania quickly loses interest after several days.

3. Cocainia wages war against California for its right to use the name “California.”  The war is lost immediately when California cuts off the aqueduct and Methamphetamania builds a water park in the Owens Valley.

4. Burbank becomes the capital of Cocainia when it’s discovered that it, and not Hollywood, is where films are actually made these days.

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Just another bonehead with an internet connection.
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