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The Dissolution of California as it should be

I decided if California were to ever break into several different states, it should look like this: Allow me to explain a couple things: 1. Psilocybinia is its own nation, separate from the United States.  It doesn’t have a capital … Continue reading

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The Boy of Zion

There are two kinds of camping: White Trash camping and Dirty Hippy camping.  They operate under entirely different philosophies.  Dirty Hippy camping, for instance, revolves around the idea that man is one with earth and nature, and we can all … Continue reading

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The Whistler cross the Alleyway

In the early days of living in my new apartment, to which I moved seven months ago, I would often whistle in the bathroom, either while showering or completing some personal business transaction with the porcelain shrine.  My bathroom window … Continue reading

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Enlightened Primordialism

I’m no anthropologist, historian, scientist, or sociologist, so really my opinions and observations don’t mean donkey-droppings.  But I can always pretend… Every day, something in our lives gets automated or simplified by some ingenious work of technology people would have … Continue reading

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A Quack’s Quick Guide to Transnistria

Transnistria – the workers’ paradise you’ve been waiting for! It sounds like a fairy tale land, and when I first heard of it, I was skeptical of its existence.  I stumbled upon its Lonely Planet travel advisory, and from that … Continue reading

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