Bad Poetry: episode 1 – “Ubikacja Ogińskiego”

Often events in life inspire very bad poetry.  Only rarely do life’s events inspire good poetry.  This is most fortunate; if everyone were a master poet whenever the spirit moved them to write in verse, the world would be inundated with so much great poetry we simply wouldn’t read any of it, and it would all become tragically lost in indifference.

Honestly, we don’t read much poetry to begin with (and that’s being generous).

Hence, in celebration of truly great poetry, I wish to share with you my truly awful poetry.  Through its abysmal text may you come to truly appreciate the artful eloquence of our actually-talented bards, both living and beyond.


Ubikacja Ogińskiego
by Cj.P. Czedźman, 2010

I sat on your friend’s toilet
no toilet paper
a box of magazines, old schoolwork

I whistled Ogiński
“Fairwell to the Fatherland”
You recognized it

A match made in heaven.
except I’m in love, my sweet,
with somebody else.

I’m sorry.


I hope now (if you actually made it to the end) you can appreciate the masterful work of genuine poetic geniuses.  May their magnificence drown out the rancid memory of my life-inspired drivel.

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