Places Worse than Dorris: Part 1B

I hesitated on giving Kettleman City its own post.  After all, it’s basically just Lost Hills with an In ‘n Out and no derrick infestation.

Kettleman City Skyline

Kettleman City or Lost Hills? Does it actually matter?

Notice the blank billboard in the picture above.  I don’t have commentary on it.  I just wanted you to notice it, that’s all.

Anyway, Kettleman City is actually a bit of a misnomer.  It’s a city in the sense it has buildings, and people might possibly be in those buildings.  Kettleman Town might have been a more accurate label, although even that’s a hard sell.

A street in Kettleman City

You might be sensing a theme here.

In any case, a huge difference between Lost Hills and Kettleman City is this: every single person traveling between San Francisco and Los Angeles via I-5 knows Kettleman City.  It’s everyone’s favorite pit stop, probably because of its In ‘n Out, or that it’s almost exactly equidistant between the Bay and LA.  However, no one actually goes into Kettleman City proper, and so people aren’t aware that such a town where people live actually exists.  To them, Kettleman City is just an In ‘n Out and a Chevron.

Street in Kettleman City

Actually, to Chevron, it's just a Chevron too.

I will however say the people in Lost Hills seemed so resigned in life as to not even notice me taking a picture of their houses and road signs.  At least the Kettleman City natives looked about ready to pick a fight with me.  Which is why I quickly got back in my car and left.

Hence, no more pictures.


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