The 2011 Most Unnecessarily Large Freeway Award goes to…

…the Bay Area’s very own: Interstate 280!

The Peninsula's Own

I-280 experiencing a heavy rush hour

I-280 has the pleasure of being the main thoroughfare for citizens of bustling metropolises like Woodside and Hillsborough, CA on their commute to either San Francisco or San Jose.

That’s right! I-280 connects the Bay Area’s two largest cities: San Jose and San Francisco! But don’t be fooled: driving on I-280 is about ten miles longer between the two than the more direct US-101.

Paved and repaved with silky smooth asphalt that any and all roads envy, I-280 is a bursting eight lanes wide! Four lanes each direction plow over some of the Peninsula’s most pristine and beautiful wildnerness. Sometimes even five or six lanes can be found, usually around major interchanges!

Best Freeway Ever

Ten lanes. Count 'em.

Thank you, State of California, for making I-280 as rich and luxurious as the residents it serves. May it be graced with minor congestion from time to time on particularly busy days.

Barn house

One of the larger communities served by I-280.

I have one conclusion to make: I-280 was developed by engineers who wanted deer to have a fighting chance at a real-life Frogger.

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