Inaugural Post: a summary of my childhood

A while back, under the counsel of my roommate, I opened an account here at WordPress to create this blog: a more serious, less whiny offshoot of my old blog from livejournal.  Since then, my blog has remained untouched.  Perhaps I’m afraid to discover I can’t actually be more serious and less whiny, and have since left it blank, letting it decay in the vast cloud of opened accounts, usernames, and ghost-forums from the late 90’s floating forlornly above Google’s headquarters, or wherever the cemetery of cyberspace might be.

But no!  I can’t let the blog die.  Not before it was given a chance at life!

The first post is always an annoying issue.  But as time goes on, I see no better way to inaugurate my blog than to summarize my childhood.  I look back on it and see four memories rinsing repeating over and over like a broken washing machine or a tired line of text from a book with no coffee.

Wash Cycle:  Go to sister’s soccer game / gymnastics meet.  Play in dirt, think of dinosaurs / aliens.

Rinse Cycle 1:  Watch brother play Nintendo Games.  Super Mario 3.  Again.  Mega Man 3 was a real treat.

Spin Cycle:  Mom uses me for carpool lane access.

Rinse Cycle 2:  House party!  Guests are all taller than me by three feet.  Only other kid my age is a meanie jerk.  I play Legos in a dark corner of my room.

Ding!  Ding!  My childhood is complete.  Please put me in Junior High, temperature set to Permanent Press (Normal is too hot, Delicate is too feminine).  Don’t forget to add the dryer sheet for extra smoothness.

Damn it… you forgot the dryer sheet.

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Just another bonehead with an internet connection.
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2 Responses to Inaugural Post: a summary of my childhood

  1. Hello, I found you on freshly pressed (of course) and loved that post but for some reason wondered how you got started, and I am pleased to find I am not the only one who loved their whiny teenage livejournal but wanted to move onto a blog. Although my blog feels more “grown up” and I have only posted once, I’m hoping to keep a bit of the sarcasm and silliness of my lj years. I hope I havn’t bored you too much….

    • Doctor Quack says:

      Hi emmaisenglish, sorry it took this long to reply. I got overwhelmed with all the freshly pressed traffic, and now I’m slowly trying to get my act together and reply to people.

      First of all, thank you for stopping by my blog. I’d been blogging on lj since 2003, and like you, I enjoyed the freedom to feel silly and sarcastic there. My old roommate convinced me that I’d be better off with wordpress, so that’s how I moved here. I do try to hold this blog to a slightly higher standard (i.e. no “today I ate a sandwich and then I went to class blah blah blah blah), but at first it felt like I was forsaking some of the voice and character from the whiney lj days. It’s a difficult balance.

      Welcome to WordPress, and good luck on your blogging future. I’ll be sure to check yours out.

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