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Not actually a real doctor. Just another bonehead with an internet connection. I also really like ducks. Like... REALLY like ducks. It's kind of unhealthy.

Tales of a Liminal Age

Forgive me, Readers, for what I am about to write may be classified as comparative literature.  Don’t get too excited now. I present to you two novels that couldn’t be more different: Ferdydurke – a surrealist tale of a thirty year-old … Continue reading

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Children of Children

I’d always suspected adulthood was a lie, but never have I believed that so deeply than when it occurred to me that I could be a father.  Not someday down the road.  Not when I secure a career.  But right now. … Continue reading

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Lacanian Paradise

I am neither a psychologist nor a theologian.  But like you and everybody else throughout human history, I do my best to make sense of it all.  Your best is all one can really ask for, since we are born … Continue reading

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Pool Life

I’m not quite sure what adults do in swimming pools. Is it still okay for us to bludgeon our friends with foam noodles?  Are we still allowed to pretend like we’re floating in space?  Can we splash unsuspecting enemies with … Continue reading

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Efficiently Destructive

In the Mojave Desert, beside quiet crumbling roads, lie the remnants of dead cities.  Their ghosts serve to remind us that, at one point in time, their buildings were filled with people, their roads were filled with cars, and their ethos … Continue reading

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If civilization were to collapse, I’m pretty sure it would take me a mere three days to die. Surely we’ve all pondered what we would do if the Powers That Be ceased to function.  We all have some loose plan in … Continue reading

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I want to produce a book, please help me Kickstart it

Dear readers, I apologize.  To this point, I have tried to make my blog spam-free.  I have tried to ensure that the content of my blog is something relatable for you, esteemed readers, without you feeling like I’m trying to rally … Continue reading

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