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Not actually a real doctor. Just another bonehead with an internet connection. I also really like ducks. Like... REALLY like ducks. It's kind of unhealthy.

Efficiently Destructive

In the Mojave Desert, beside quiet crumbling roads, lie the remnants of dead cities.  Their ghosts serve to remind us that, at one point in time, their buildings were filled with people, their roads were filled with cars, and their ethos … Continue reading

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If civilization were to collapse, I’m pretty sure it would take me a mere three days to die. Surely we’ve all pondered what we would do if the Powers That Be ceased to function.  We all have some loose plan in … Continue reading

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I want to produce a book, please help me Kickstart it

Dear readers, I apologize.  To this point, I have tried to make my blog spam-free.  I have tried to ensure that the content of my blog is something relatable for you, esteemed readers, without you feeling like I’m trying to rally … Continue reading

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Identity in a Block of Marble

Immaturity is really just a fear of commitment. I believe the process of crafting an identity to be destructive rather than constructive.  We do not build ourselves from brick or clay out of nothingness.  Identity starts as a huge block of … Continue reading

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Fighting from Within the Organism

Allow me a tinfoil hat moment.  I don’t always sound this crazy. To this point in my life, I have had the privilege of freedom bestowed upon me by my circumstances: student life, supportive parents, and flexible part time jobs.  With … Continue reading

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The Depths Whence Elation is Born

Bear with me, Reader; I do not intend to be vulgar.  That is not why we’re here. I had once made the statement that everything is beautiful, and if we don’t find something beautiful, it’s simply because we don’t understand … Continue reading

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Transcending the Narcissism of Guilt

I’d like to think I’m a decent human being, but truth be told, I have a long way to go.  Somehow I’ve come to believe that nodding while pretending to listen is the honorable thing to do in the face … Continue reading

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White Mountain Peak: love atop hell

When I think of the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, I think of White Mountain Peak. White Mountain Peak is an arid and lifeless mountain emerging from the desolate desert floor in Eastern California.  There are no trees.  There … Continue reading

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Trivial vs. Significant

You’ve been traveling for your entire life to get to where you are right now.  Everything you’ve done, every decision you’ve made, every tragedy you’ve suffered and joy you’ve exalted has brought you to where you are right now.  And … Continue reading

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The Chicken Dance: a pathetic tale of melancholic self-pity

I’ve learned in recent years that if I want to do something, I can’t be afraid of doing it alone.  If I always waited around for people to join me, I’d still be waiting.  I can’t let the lameness of … Continue reading

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